WORKING ON STORIES: coaching with Jennifer Ferris

An opportunity for storytellers of all experience levels to grow in the art of storytelling.

Are you?

  • Working on a new story
  • Reworking an old story
  • Stuck on technique
  • Working to develop presentation skills

Working On Stories coaching sessions are based on the belief that the storyteller will develop and expand their skills with the following:

  • practicing with a skilled and knowledgeable storyteller/listener
  • reinforcement of what you are doing right
  • thoughtful questions and suggestions about ways to improve

Participants find that her gentle approach and enthusiasm offer a safe environment to try new ideas.

“Jennifer is a skilled and respectful storytelling coach. She helped me to connect with the underlying tension in my story. I will be incorporating her suggestions for ways to develop the two main characters and I will be using the exercises she recommended to bring energy into my telling. I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone who is looking for ideas and assistance in improving their storytelling.” Margo McLoughlin

 Cost: $40 per one hour session 
For more information please email Jennifer at or phone 250 818 3389


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